Oilfield Construction:

At Exact Oilfield, our oilfield development services include but are not limited to pipeline development, facility and plant construction and related lease clearing.

  • Pipeline Construction - Steel, flex pipe HDPE - up to 6” - all phases of project, New pipeline installation to pipeline repairs.
  • Facility Construction - Gas Plants, Oil Batteries, Tank Farms, Satellites, Well Sites, Compressors, Dehy's, Water Plants, Heavy oil terminals, etc
  • Plant Construction - Exact Oilfield can handle any construction project starting with lease clearing and right of way clearing for facility construction with our mulching equipment such as our 259 250 Hurricane & 480 Tiger Cat Mulchers.

At Exact Oilfield, oilfield development services is what we do. Our experience in pipeline development dates back over 3 decades, and with our facility and plant construction services division, we can provide an all-inclusive solution.

For lease clearing, our Hurricane 250 & 480 Tiger Cat mulchers can get your site cleared by mulching with minimal ground disturbance even in wet terrain. They are both suited for tough terrain and can be used in sensitive site applications for all your lease clearing and right of way clearing needs.

Our portable welding rigs are equipped for work in remote areas and include B Pressure work welding capabilities.

For superior results call 780-849-2211.

Pipeline Plowing

Our plow cat is D8 with a 450 Bron plow capable of handling up to 6” pipe.

All the supporting equipment, such as cats, hoes and sloops are in excellent condition and are set up for working in this area.

The fusion operators have all the required tickets and oilfield experience necessary to complete any project safely and efficiently.

Service Areas

Slave Lake
Red Earth
Northern Alberta
...and surrounding areas

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